Galentine's Day Party (2024)

How to Host a Fabulous Galentine’s Day Party

Do you want to spend Valentine’s day celebrating with all your girl friends? Then celebrating by hosting a fabulous Galentine’s Day Party is the answer!

Getting together with our best friends is a great way to recharge.

The friendship between women is something special and deserves a day to celebrate.

Follow along as I help you plan a fabulous party.

What is a Galentine’s Day Party?

A Galentine’s Day party is a party on Valentine’s Day for all your friends. It can be a time to dress up and have a fancy brunch or have an evening in with pajamas and pampering.

Galentine’s Day originally came from the TV show “Parks and Rec”, where the character Leslie Knoppe hosted a brunch for all of her closest girl friends. And honestly, why hasn’t this been a thing before? It’s brilliant!

What should I do at a Galentine’s Day Party?

The beauty of a Galentine’s Party is that it can be anything you want it to be.

You can dress up and have the girls over for drinks. Or have a pajama party with a full self-care night of facials, nail painting, and gossip.

You could also get together with all your ladies and have a fun brunch. Including fun foods and games can take it to a whole other notch.

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How to Host a Galentine’s Day Party

Hosting a Galentine’s Day Party isn’t difficult and can be a lot of fun.

Follow these simple steps to make a party that none of your friends will forget for a long time.

1.Choose a Theme

Choosing a theme has to be the first step of your Galentine’s Day Party hosting. The theme is going to guide all your other choices.

Here are some cute Galentine’s Day themes ideas to get your wheels turning:

  • Movie Night: Pick your favorite Rom-Com, have everyone bring a movie snack, and open a bottle of wine.
  • The Classic Brunch: A brunch of waffles was the original Galentine’s Day directly from “Parks and Recreation.”
  • Wine and Chocolate: Seriously, is wine and chocolate ever a bad choice, then adding your best girl friends? It’s going to be an instant good time.
  • Pajama and Pampering: Do you ever miss the feel of a slumber party? Get everyone together for pajamas, face masks, pedicures, and gossip.
  • Paint and Sip: Did you know that at most paint and sip places, if you have a group, you can request a specific painting?
  • Portrait Party: Whether you do a DIY Photo Booth or you all dress up and go all over town taking Instagram worthy pictures of each other, this will be so much fun.

2. Choose some fun Galentine’s Day Party Foods

For Galentine’s Day, you could make a whole bunch of fun heart-shaped food.

Here are some cute Galentine’s Party Food Ideas to get you started on planning your menu:

  • This really pretty Galentine’s Charcuterie board takes almost no time to put together but is so pretty when served.
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  • What is better than Red Velvet Cake? Red Velvet Cake Cinnamon Rolls. These are a must try.
  • Heart Shaped Cupcakes: Use this really cool tip to get the perfect heart shaped cupcakes.

Consider theming your food around your party theme or sticking to reds and pinks to tie everything in together.


3. Plan Games and Activities

A party isn’t a party with out games and activities. Here are a few ideas to kick your Galentine’s party to the next level

  • A DIY Photo Booth. I don’t care how old I get, I love the fun and silliness that comes out with a Photo Booth. Set up a cheap backdrop and add some of these fun Galentine’s Day Props to up the silliness and the fun.
  • Printable games are a great cheap way to up the fun at your party. Check out these Valentine’s Day printable games here.
  • Remember the show “Minute to Win it”? The games that came out of that show are always a win and a lot of laughs. Check out these 12 that you can add to your Galentine’s Party
  • Use these questions for your Would you Rather game, to get all the giggles going.
  • Play Two Truths and a Lie. How well do you know your besties?
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4.Send some cute Galentine’s Day Invitations

Of course you could just drop a text to all your ladies inviting them to your Galentine’s Party, but sending old fashion mail invitations is such a cute idea. And everyone loves getting happy mail!

You can even match them to the theme and feel of the party you are hosting

I love the selection of invitations from Amazon. Add some cute stickers to up the happy mail factor.

5. Don’t forget the Decorations

Half of the fun of a party is getting to decorate for the party.

If you are looking to buy some cute decorations for your Galentine’s Day Party

There are also some really creative DIY decorations you could do like this super cute Galentine’s Day Banner from Kristi Murphy.

Another cute and easy diy decoration is these paper heart garlands, find the DIY here.

How about some personalized coasters that your friends can take home after the party? Find the DIY over here at The Proper.

Galentine’s Day Ideas for teens

Galentines is a great way to let your teens celebrate Valentine’s day and learn how to be happy even when they are not in a relationship. So much hangs on things like dating and not having a boyfriend as a teen on Valentine’s Day can feel absolutely heart breaking to those young tender hearts.

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Galentine’s Slumber Party

Slumber parties can be a fun way to celebrate Galentine’s. Full of fun make overs, games, Rom Coms, a DIY photo booth, and never ending snacks, this slumber party won’t soon be forgotten and is a great way to help one of your teens if they had recent heart break.

Galentine’s Teen Brunch

Having a brunch can feel so grown up to teens. Invite their besties over to celebrate with waffles, dressing up, and maybe a trip to the mall to finish it all off.

Galentine’s Teen Crafty Party

Crafting can be a great party idea for teens.

Some fun craft party ideas are:

  • Guided Painting Party
  • Tie Dye Party
  • School Supplies Craft Party
  • Bedroom decorations Craft Party

Galentine’s Day Might be the Best Way to Celebrate on Valentine’s Ever!

With these steps it is not really difficult to throw a killer Galentine’s Party that will uplift the spirits of everyone in attendance!

Include some fun Galentine’s games and food and you have a really fun party. Galentine’s Day parties are a great way to celebrate the bond that women around the world find with each other in best friends, because the love and companionship of a good friend is something worth celebrating.


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About Galentine's Day Parties

As an enthusiast and expert in event planning and social gatherings, I can confidently provide insights into hosting a fabulous Galentine's Day party. Galentine's Day is a celebration of the bond between women and an opportunity to honor the friendships that women share. It's a day to celebrate with all your female friends, whether it's through a fancy brunch, an evening of pampering, or a fun get-together with games and activities.

The concept of Galentine's Day originated from the TV show "Parks and Recreation," where the character Leslie Knope hosted a brunch for her closest female friends. This celebration has gained popularity as a way to recognize and appreciate the special relationships women have with each other.

A Galentine's Day party can take various forms, from dressing up for drinks, having a pajama party with self-care activities, to organizing a fun brunch with games and themed foods. The beauty of a Galentine's Day party lies in its flexibility, allowing hosts to tailor the event to their preferences and the interests of their friends.

To host a memorable Galentine's Day party, it's essential to choose a theme that will guide the event's atmosphere and activities. Themes can range from a movie night with rom-coms and wine, a classic brunch inspired by "Parks and Recreation," to a pajama and pampering night or a paint and sip session. The theme sets the tone for the party and influences the choice of decorations, foods, and activities.

When planning the menu for a Galentine's Day party, hosts can get creative with heart-shaped foods and themed dishes. From a Galentine's charcuterie board to red velvet cake cinnamon rolls and heart-shaped cupcakes, there are numerous delightful options to consider. Themed foods can add a special touch to the party and enhance the overall experience for guests.

In addition to food, games and activities play a crucial role in making a Galentine's Day party enjoyable and memorable. From setting up a DIY photo booth with fun props to printable games, "Minute to Win it" style challenges, and interactive games like "Would you Rather" and "Two Truths and a Lie," there are plenty of ways to keep the party lively and engaging.

Sending out cute Galentine's Day invitations and decorating the venue are also important aspects of hosting a Galentine's Day party. Whether it's through traditional mail invitations or creative DIY decorations, these elements contribute to the overall ambiance and excitement of the event.

For teens, Galentine's Day offers a wonderful opportunity to celebrate friendships and enjoy activities like slumber parties, brunches, and craft parties. These events can provide a positive and uplifting experience, especially for teens who may feel the pressure of Valentine's Day and the expectations surrounding romantic relationships.

Overall, hosting a Galentine's Day party is a fantastic way to celebrate the meaningful friendships between women and create lasting memories with friends.

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Galentine's Day Party (2024)


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