Here's How to Throw a Taylor Swift-Themed Super Bowl 58 Party (2024)

It's no secret that Swifties have taken over the NFL. Ever since Taylor Swift made her Chiefs Kingdom debut to support her boyfriend and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce back in September, the pop star's fans have been showing up and tuning in to NFL games.

The attention of Swifties has proved to be an economic boon for the NFL. While some people may be bothered by how much attention NFL broadcasts have seemingly given Swift, the reality is the actual airtime doesn't add up to much.

Now that the Chiefs will be inSuper Bowl 58, Swifties are waiting to see whether their favorite singer will make itto Las Vegas to cheer on the team Sunday. This week, Swift is bringing her smash-hit Eras tour to Tokyo, right before Kelce's big game.

Whether Swift is in attendance, you can still count on die-hard Swifties like myself to cheer on Kelce and the rest of the Chiefs when they play the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. However, I plan to celebrate this year's Super Bowl in true Swiftie style. I'm inviting my friends over for a Swift-themed party where football will take a back seat to the singer. (And, yes, I'm still holding out hope to see her.)

Read on for my tips for planning your own Swift-themed Super Bowl party. For more, here's how to watch Super Bowl 58, and everything you need to know about Taylor Swift's Eras Tour concert film.

Curate the right music

A party is not a party without a great playlist. For my Super Bowl party, I've done my best to curate a Swift-forward playlist that captures some of the pregame hype. So I aimed to include songs that are more like Shake It Off (Taylor's Version)and a bit less like All Too Well (Taylor's Version).

To be fair to Kelce, I've also included a couple of songs from his Apple Music playlist The Warm-Up. Again, the playlist is all about curating a game-day vibe that gets your guests excited.

Come up with themed snacks and drinks

The first thing I did when planning this party was to come up with punny co*cktail and mocktail names for the drinks we'll have. This is a fun way to get your friends involved and a super cute way to celebrate. If you're short on ideas,Blake Lively(a notable member of the pop star's squad) has you covered with some Swift-themed Super Bowl beverages.

To get you started, I got together with my CNET colleagues Katelyn Chedraoui and Hallie Seltzer to generate some ideas for co*cktail/mocktail names:

  • Magic, Madness, Heaven, Gin -- you can give this Blank Space-inspired name to one of your favorite gin co*cktails, or even create your own, brand-new recipe.
  • Champagne Problems -- this name comes from one of the songs on Taylor's Evermore album, and it's of course perfect for a champagne-forward mixed drink (think something based on a classic co*cktail like a French 75 or an Aperol Spritz).
  • So Scarlet It Was Maroon Sangria -- this is a reference to one of the songs from Swift's Midnights album, and creating a red wine-based sangria could be an excellent choice for your Super Bowl party.
  • 300 Take Out Coffees Later -- this references lyrics from the Taylor's Version vault-track Is It Over Nowand suggests an espresso martini or any coffee-based co*cktail or mocktail.

And here are some snack ideas:

  • Chai Sugar Cookies -- is it really a Taylor Swift-themed party without her iconic chai sugar cookies? I don't think so.
  • Chicken Fingers and Seemingly Ranch -- this is a callback to a now famous post to X from a fan account declaring that "Taylor Swift was eating a piece of chicken with ketchup and seemingly ranch" (the post set off a flurry of memes about "seemingly ranch").
  • Anti-Gyros -- gyros are a unique but accessible game-day snack option, and with a name inspired by Swift's recent hit Anti-Hero, this snack will be a certified hit at your party.
  • Welcome to New York Cheesecake -- this suggestion comes from r/TaylorSwiftand pays homage to the Taylor's Version trackWelcome to New York.

Create friendship bracelet party favors

A Swift concert tradition that you can bring to your game day party is making themed friendship bracelets for your guests. This is a newer tradition, which began at the start of the 2023 leg of her Eras tour as a reference to the song You're On Your Own, Kidfrom her Midnights album. Essentially, fans create friendship bracelets based on song lyrics, quotes from Swift or even funny fandom moments.

You can easily apply this same logic to your Super Bowl party by making friendship bracelets that reference both Taylor and Travis. You could include a reference to Kelce's jersey number (87) or Swift's lucky number (13). Or you could even take a page out of the couple's book, and make a bracelet featuring their nickname TNT.

For more, here are all of the Super Bowl TV deals you'll want to know about, and how to prep your TV for the big game.

Here's How to Throw a Taylor Swift-Themed Super Bowl 58 Party (2024)


How to throw a Taylor Swift themed Super Bowl party? ›

Use red, gold and white decorations

If you're looking to throw your own Taylor Swift-themed Super Bowl party, then chances are you'll be rooting on Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs. So make sure you incorporate red and yellow décor throughout the party, including table covers, streamers and balloons.

How do you throw a Swiftie party? ›

Creative Taylor Swift Themed Party Activities
  1. Make the Friendship Bracelets (and Other Taylor-Coded Crafts) ...
  2. Paint and Sip Away Like a Bottle of Wine. ...
  3. Capture It, Remember It With Polaroid Pictures. ...
  4. Put On Your Records. ...
  5. Get Lost in a Film Scene. ...
  6. Get It Off Your Chest. ...
  7. Support Your Local Feline Friends.
3 days ago

What is the Taylor Swift Super Bowl menu? ›

According to content creator Luke Sawhook, who shared a sneak peek of the offerings on TikTok, fans who shell out $2.5 million will also get souvenir popcorn, bacon-wrapped hot dogs, BBQ burnt-end burritos, carne asada fries, and frozen cheesecake, as well as a surf and turf nachos and a wagyu-loaded hot dog that's ...

What jeans did Taylor Swift wear to the Super Bowl? ›

Taylor Swift Wore Area's Crystal Slit Jeans, No. 87 Accessories and More Than $16K Worth of Jewelry to the Super Bowl. All the details on what the superstar singer is wearing for game day in Las Vegas including her black jeans (which are quickly selling out) and jewelry boasting Travis Kelce's number.

How do you throw a good Super Bowl party? ›

5 Tips for Throwing an Awesome Super Bowl Party
  1. Plan Well in Advance. ...
  2. Have Everyone Bring a Contribution. ...
  3. Use a Large Television. ...
  4. Test Your Setup Before the Big Game. ...
  5. Consider Additional Fun Activities.
Jan 16, 2024

Who is Taylor Swift rooting for in the Super Bowl? ›

Every moment Taylor Swift was on TV rooting on boyfriend Travis Kelce at Super Bowl 2024.

What does 13 mean to Swifties? ›

Taylor has said that whenever she has won an award, she has been seated in row 13 or row M, which is the thirteenth letter. When she 'Tay-lurks', she goes to a fan's livestream and comments 13 emojis. She says that if she sees a 13, it'll bring her luck, but if she sees no number 13 that day, she'll lose.

Why do Swifties put 13 on their hands? ›

Before gracing the stage for a concert, Swift would mark the number 13 on her hand, symbolizing fearlessness, reminiscent of her second studio album, also titled "13." But why 13? Well, Taylor Swift, born on December 13, 1989, falls under the zodiac sign Sagittarius, making 13 her lucky number.

What should I gift for a Taylor Swift fan? ›

31 best gifts for Taylor Swift Fans
  • A motivational book inspired by T-Swift. ...
  • A friendship bracelet-making kit. ...
  • Heart-shaped sunglasses to dress up like hipsters. ...
  • A deep dive into the evolution of Swift's style. ...
  • A t-shirt calling back to '22' ...
  • A cute tote bag. ...
  • A bold red lip. ...
  • Tea towels for their champagne problems.
Apr 16, 2024

What is Taylor Swift's favorite food? ›

All Swifties know that Taylor loves chicken tenders. She has listed the crispy fried chicken as her favorite food in almost every interview she has ever done. She was even seen eating some chicken strips recently at a Kansas City Chiefs Game.

What is Taylor Swift's favorite recipe? ›

Taylor Swift said she's “always cooked a LOT,” but one of the recipes that will never leave her side is Ina Garten's Real Meatballs and Spaghetti. A dish of spaghetti and meatballs is always a crowd favorite, but Ina's take on the Italian classic is absolutely “sensational,” said one reviewer.

Who is in the suite with Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl? ›

Jason Kelce was among those in attendance, spotted speaking with Swift before the game. Also seen in the suite were Donna and Ed Kelce, as well as Jason Kelce's wife, Kylie Kelce.

What necklace was Taylor Swift wearing at the Super Bowl? ›

One of the most eye-catching pieces was a large, No. 87 Varsity pendant necklace worth more than $4,000 from New York jeweler Stephanie Gottlieb. She has nearly half a million followers on Instagram, where she posted photos of Swift wearing her jewelry at the Super Bowl.

Who is Taylor Swift's bodyguard? ›

Travis Kelce Wants to Protect Taylor Swift "At All Costs" and "Would Not Play" If Someone Came Near Her. Trav is basically Taylor's built-in bodyguard and her family is "relieved." Video Player is loading.

What necklace did Taylor Swift wear to the Chiefs game? ›

The ever-stylish songstress, who's been dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce since last summer, repped her beau's jersey number with a custom Stephanie Gottlieb “87” necklace ($4,250) and a bejeweled Judith Leiber football clutch ($4,495) featuring the same symbolic digits.

What is the average age of a Swiftie? ›

While 45 per cent of Swift's US fans are millennials — like the 34-year-old herself — 21 per cent are Gen X and 25 per cent are Boomers, according to a 2023 survey. That means nearly half of her millions of fans are likely over 45.

Who is the biggest Swiftie in the world? ›

Bilal Ilyas Jhandir, a die-hard fan of Taylor Swift, broke the record for the most Taylor Swift songs recognised from their lyrics in a minute, staking his claim as the world's greatest Swiftie.

What should I ask a Swiftie? ›

Taylor Swift Trivia Questions
  • What is Taylor Swift's middle name? ...
  • Where was Taylor Swift born? ...
  • What is Taylor Swift's birthday? ...
  • What is Taylor Swift's brother's first name? ...
  • What is Taylor Swift's mother's first name? ...
  • What is Taylor Swift's father's first name?
Mar 31, 2024

How do I contact Taylor Swift? ›

Things You Should Know
  1. Email Taylor Nation about merch or store purchases at
  2. Try sending Taylor Swift fan mail at 242 West Main Street PMB 412 Hendersonville, TN 37075.
  3. Interact with Taylor Swift and Taylor Nation on social media to have the best chance of contacting her.
Feb 19, 2024


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