Icare food packages for inmates (2024)

Icare food packages for inmates (1)

The inmate can get the confiscated items once they are released from prison. Jail staff has the right to return the items to you or confiscate it. There are a few possible scenarios if you send something that is not allowed.

Icare food packages for inmates (2)

What Happens if You Send Something You Are Not Supposed To? The upside of sending pre-approved packages is that all items are allowed, so there’s no room for mistakes. If you avoid adding any of the mentioned items to the package, the inmate should receive the mail without problems. Make sure you don’t send anything from the following list : General Rules for Sending Items to InmatesĮach correctional facility has its own set of rules and regulations about mailing items to prisoners, but some objects are strictly forbidden everywhere due to safety reasons. You can check the order status of the package on iCare’s website. The package should be delivered within 30 days, and you will get a delivery confirmation email.

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  • If you decide to surprise your incarcerated loved one by sending them an iCare inmate package, you must follow certain instructions. How Does Sending iCare Inmate Packages Work? If you can’t find info on your own, make sure to contact the jail staff over the phone or send them an email. Icare food packages for inmates (3)

    You should always search the website of the inmate’s correctional facility to check if these products are allowed. A toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, lip balm, soap, and some other cosmetic products.Ten envelopes, a white legal pad, two pencils, a book of stamps, and a thank you postcard.Various snacks, sodas, ramen, tuna, and more.Take a look at some of iCare’s most popular packages to get an idea of what to send to an inmate: iCare Inmate Package You can also send food packages to your loved one if the correctional facility allows it. ICare offers packages for different occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays, so you can find something suitable for that particular event. It already has pre-made and approved packages for inmates, and you only need to choose one on the website. If you want to send a care package to an incarcerated person, you can use iCare. What You Should Know About iCare Inmate Packages Before Sending One Sending iCare Packages is an approved way of delivering different goodies and necessities to inmates, and you can use the service to pleasantly surprise the inmate you care about. Writing letters to inmates, sending them packages, and inmate visitation is only available ever so often. Inmates in correctional facilities are not left with many options to stay in touch with the outside world. However, families that purchase packages directly from a vendor are not impacted by restitution.I Learn All About iCare Packages for Inmates in One Place Any issues or disputes regarding the vendor’s products are the sole responsibility of the buyer and/or the vendor, and the CDCR is not obligated to mediate or resolve any such disputes (Department Operations Manual Section 54030.9.1(a)(7)).Īny funds sent to an inmate will still be subject to restitution as ordered by the sentencing court.

    Icare food packages for inmates (4)

    The CDCR assumes no liability whatsoever for such purchases, nor any aspect thereof. Any purchases from this vendor are at the buyer’s sole risk. The CDCR is not affiliated with this vendor and does not guarantee that the vendor will fulfill any obligations, perform as expected, nor permanently remain in business, nor does the CDCR guarantee the vendor’s products in any way. CDCR’s brief review and approval of this vendor was strictly limited to minimum security requirements and general business intent. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) has approved this independent vendor to sell merchandise to inmates and the public. For more information, please contact any of the currently authorized package vendors listed below. Inmate Quarterly Packages are available through authorized private vendors ( all vendorsmustreceive CDCR approval before providing services to institutions). Prior to the vendor list, if something was found in a package sent by a family member to an inmate that was not allowed, the inmate had to pay to mail it back to their family member or it is donated or discarded. Since 2003, CDCR has contracted with a number of statewide and national companies that ensure inmates receive packages. In an effort to reduce contraband and time-consuming searches of packages destined for inmates, family members cannot send inmate packages, also known as quarterly packages, directly to inmates, who are incarcerated in California State Prison.

    Icare food packages for inmates (2024)


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